Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Devils Nightmare

The Devils Nightmare

Let me start by saying that I love Alessandro Alessandroni. Here's the theme for Devil's Nightmare, it's awesome:

So we have a 1971 Italian/French Satanic/curse movie with a great score and a beautiful succubus played by Erika Blanc.

The beginning of the movie starts out with some stock footage of WWII. We soon learn that a Nazi soldier has a family curse that makes the first born daughter a succubus. He takes the appropriate action by killing a baby he believes to be his first born daughter. Being a Nazi probably helps with this moral dilemma, but he obviously made a mistake because...

We flash forward some years to the soldiers spooky castle which is now filled with stranded guests. We're introduced to the beautiful Lisa, who we soon learn is the Succubus.

Some seducing here, some killing there, cool atmosphere, early seventies aesthetic, some sleaze, some cheeze, some decent camera work, great soundtrack and you end up with a well above average Euro Horror flick.

Oh yeah, Daniel Emilfork was an excellent Satan!

Daniel Emilfork as Satan.

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